NCCOMPETE – Wed, Feb 15


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CrossFit Mettle and Honor – NCCOMPETE


Complete full COMPETE workout BEFORE your NCFIT PERFORMANCE work.


Warm-Up (No Measure)

25ft Knees to Chest

25ft Heels to Butt

25ft Toy Soldiers

25ft High Knees

25ft Butt Kickers

25ft Lunge and Twist

10 Arm Circles Forward

10 Arm Circles Backward

10 Bodyweight Good Mornings

(No Measure)


FOR QUALITY (No Measure)

4:00 Bike (Easy)

4:00 Run (Easy)

4:00 Ski (Easy)

3:00 Bike (Smooth)

3:00 Run (Smooth)

3:00 Ski (Smooth)

2:00 Bike (Strong)

2:00 Run (Strong)

2:00 Ski (Strong)

-No Additional Rest b/t Intervals-

(No Measure)
GOAL: RPE 4 | Focus is to move and Breath. First wave (4:00) is very light just getting the body moving. Second wave (3:00) is picking up the pace but should feel smooth without the pace changing. Final wave (2:00) is a strong consistent effort. This means the final Bike/Run/Ski are equal effort, one should not feel any more challenging than the other.

Extra Credit


Build to a Light Set of Complex:

1 Power Clean


1 Hang Power Clean


1 Front Squat


1 Shoulder to OH

(Score is Weight)
GOAL: RPE 4 | Complex is to practice moving the Bar with the Clean and OH movements with Light to Light-Moderate Load. We could see a Complex in the Open!