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    Welcome to CrossFit CrossFit Mettle & Honor (CFMaH)!  We understand that ALL of our clients come from different athletic backgrounds – some may have been varsity athletes in high school or college, and for some this may be their first time working out. At CrossFit CFMaH we have doctors, students, parents, lawyers, business owners and just about any profession and background you can think of, but one thing is the same for everybody – they all joined our gym to get in better shape and become a more fit person. Reaching this goal takes time and sacrifice, and if you are dedicated to coming in and working hard, we will be dedicated to helping you reach your goals. There is a lifetime of learning ahead of you, and this can make CrossFit both fun and at times frustrating. So, don’t get discouraged just get started, we have all been down the same path and our gym is filled with countless resources to help you do all the things that you think may be impossible!



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