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    Welcome to CrossFit Mettle & Honor

    Welcome to CrossFit CrossFit Mettle & Honor (CFMaH)! We understand that ALL of our clients come from different athletic backgrounds – some may have been varsity athletes in high school or college, and for some this may be their first time working out. At CrossFit CFMaH we have doctors, students, parents, lawyers, business owners and just about any profession and background you can think of, but one thing is the same for everybody – they all joined our gym to get in better shape and become a more fit person.

    Reaching this goal takes time and sacrifice, and if you are dedicated to coming in and working hard, we will be dedicated to helping you reach your goals. There is a lifetime of learning ahead of you, and this can make CrossFit both fun and at times frustrating. So, don’t get discouraged just get started, we have all been down the same path and our gym is filled with countless resources to help you do all the things that you think may be impossible!

    What do people say about us?

    • Absolutely love this gym. I dropped in a few times at xfit gyms before for metcon classes but have never done heavy lifting and all the works. This gym was the most friendly, welcoming and safe I’d ever been to. They made me feel like I belonged immediately and understood the fear I had behind trying something new. They constantly push me without overdoing it and have taught me so much within the first few months it’s unbelievable.

      Rebecca Zaiter
    • CFMAH is a great place to not only better yourself physically, but to surround yourself with a community that truly cares. The coaches take time to individually teach you and always have your best interest at heart. Making the choice to come to CFMAH is one you won’t regret!

      Shelby Fraser
    • CFMAH is such an amazing crossfit box! I have been a member for the past 2 years and can’t imagine not being part of this wonderful community of athletes. The coaches are incredible and truly care about your progress both physically and mentally. All levels of athlete are treated equally with endless ways to modify workouts to meet anyone’s individual needs. There truly is a family atmosphere and everyone is so supportive of crossfit moms and even their kiddos! Come give it a try and see what crossfit can do for you!

      Ashley D'Arcy
    • CrossFit Mettle and Honor is the best gym around. I am new to CrossFit and decided to try the drop in class and everyone was so nice and welcoming. I joined right after that and would recommend it to anyone. The staff treats you like family and everyone is so helpful when you need help.

      Jessica Rasmussen
    • I have been a member at CFMaH for almost 3 years now. I wasn’t getting what I needed from a traditional gym. The coaches are amazing. They know the athletes and how to get the most out of them. The members are so supportive and encouraging. Finally the owners continue to invest in the gym to make it the best it can be for its members. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!

      Todd Runkle

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