NC FLEX – Tue, Jan 10

CrossFit Mettle and Honor – NC FLEX

Functional Strength

Shoulder Press (6-6-6*)

*Start Mod and Build each set to Moderate-Heavy. All reps should be performed with a :01 pause at the top and bottom of each rep.

(Score is Weight)

Week 2 of 10-6-2 Cycle.



Metcon (Checkmark)

1.) 3 SETS

10/10 DB Split Squats (Mod)*

20 Alt. DB Goblet Side Lunges (Mod)

*:01 Pause at the bottom of each rep.

-Rest 1:30 b/t Sets-

(No Measure)

2.) 3 SETS

10 DB Bent Over Row (Mod)*

20 Alt. DB Slides (Mod)**

*:01 Pause at the top of each rep.

**Start in plank position with DB outside left hand. Reach across and grab DB with right hand and pull across to outside right hand. Repeat back and forth for 20 reps.

-Rest 1:30 b/t Sets-

(No Measure)

3.) 2 SETS


Deficit Push-Up

Russian KB Swing (Heavy)

-Rest 1:00 b/t Sets-

(No Measure)

Extra Credit

Metcon (Checkmark)


:30 Chin Over the Bar Hold

-Rest :30-

1:00 Top of Dip Hold

-Rest :30-

1:00 Side Plank (L)

-Rest :30-

1:00 Side Plank (R)

-Rest :30 b/t Sets-

(No Measure)