NC FLEX – Sat, Oct 8

CrossFit Mettle and Honor – NC FLEX

Functional Strength

Bench Press (ON A 20:00 RUNNING CLOCK…
Build to a Heavy 4-Rep Bench Press*)

*FOCUS: Bench Press…retest time for the heavy 4-Rep!

GOAL: RPE 8-9 | Building to your heaviest 4-Rep effort across 20:00. Use your time wisely. For the BP (same as SP), I would recommend NOT taking too many warm-up sets and taking PLENTY of time between sets as you build.

TIME: 20 Minutes


Metcon (Checkmark)

1.) 2 SETS

20 Close Grip DB Bench (Mod-Light)

10-15 DBL DB Close Grip Pull-Over (Mod-Light)

-Rest as Needed b/t Sets-

(No Measure)

2.) 2 SETS

30 Kneeling Banded Face Pull

10-15 DB Reverse Fly (Mod-Light)

-Rest as Needed b/t Sets-

(No Measure)

3.) 2 SETS

30 Banded Hammer Curls

10-15 Strict Dips

-Rest as Needed b/t Sets-

(No Measure)

FOCUS: Upper Body

Mixed Conditioning

Metcon (Checkmark)


ON A 20:00-40:00 RUNNING CLOCK…

Brisk Walk or Hike w/ Slow & Controlled Nasal Breathing*

*Weight Vest Optional…

Beginner — No weight

Intermediate — 20lb Vest or Ruck

Advanced — 50lb Vest or Ruck

(No Measure)