NC FLEX – Sat, Oct 15

CrossFit Mettle and Honor – NC FLEX

Functional Strength

Bent Over Row (4×10*)


10 Barbell Bent Over Rows (Moderate)

Superset each set of BBBOR with 10 Chin-Ups…each with :02 Pause with Chin Over Bar.

(Score is Weight)

-Rest as Needed b/t Sets-

GOAL 6-7 | Upper Pull Main. Slow and controlled on the Seal Rows and Pull-Ups. AHAP (but not as fast as possible!) on the Goblet Squat. Sneak back, chest, and arm pump from the hold of the DB. The month of OCT will be more of a broad exposure to strength training — mixing movements, loading, tempos, and equipment…expect to get a lot of different touches in OCT.


Metcon (Checkmark)

1.) 3 SETS – Lower Body

20 Alt. Slow DB Poliquin Step-Ups (Mod)

1:30 Weighted Wall Sit (AHAP)*

*Hold DB on lap or on shoulders.

-Rest as Needed b/t Sets-

2.) 3 SETS – Upper Body

10/10 DB Tricep Kickback

20 DBL DB Hammer Curls

30 Straight Arm Banded Pull-Down

-Rest as Needed b/t Sets-

3.) 1 SET – Accessory

100 DB Weight Sit-Ups (Heavy)*

*Anchor feet under DBs for Sit-Ups. Everytime you break, perform 15 Hanging Knee Raises.

(No Measure)

Extra Credit

Metcon (Checkmark)


ON A 20:00-40:00 RUNNING CLOCK…

Brisk Walk or Hike w/ Slow & Controlled Nasal Breathing*

*Weight Vest Optional…

Beginner — No weight

Intermediate — 20lb Vest or Ruck

Advanced — 50lb Vest or Ruck

(No Measure)