NC FLEX – Sat, Dec 24

CrossFit Mettle and Honor – NC FLEX

Note – THROWBACK WEEK TO 9/12/22

Functional Strength

Bench Press (10-10-10*)

*Start Moderate-Light then Moderate then Moderate-Heavy

FOCUS: Bench Press…rebuilding across the month to a new Heavy 4-Rep.

GOAL: RPE 6-7 | Volume and time under tension. Your final 10 today should be significantly heavier than your 10 last week. Not looking for a 10RM but instead a final set of 10 that challenges you but keeps you probably could have done 12-13 reps without failure.

TIME: Try to get your full session in today within 60min. Dedicate 30min to the FS and 30min to the BB.


Metcon (Checkmark)


10 DBL DB Pull-Over (Mod-Light)

Immediately Into…

Max Set of DBL DB Close Grip Bench (Hold for :30 at top of the press on last rep)

-Rest as Needed b/t Sets-


10 Wide Grip Pull-Ups (:01 Pause at top / bottom)

Immediately Into…

Max Time Weighted Wall Sit (45lb Plate)

*Hold Across Chest w/ Hands on Heads of DB.

-Rest as Needed b/t Sets-


1:00 Side Plank (L)

1:00 Side Plank (R)

1:00 Russian Twist

1:00 Elbow Plank

-Rest 1:00 b/t Sets-

NOTE: Upper Body Focus w/ Static Hold Supersets.

Extra Credit


ON A 20:00-40:00 RUNNING CLOCK…

Brisk Walk or Hike w/ Slow & Controlled Nasal Breathing*

*Weight Vest Optional…

Beginner — No weight

Intermediate — 20lb Vest or Ruck

Advanced — 50lb Vest or Ruck