NC FLEX – Mon, Jan 30

CrossFit Mettle and Honor – NC FLEX

Functional Strength

Back Squat (10-6-2+*)

(Score is Weight)

*Week 5 of 10-6-2 Cycle. Goal is to meet or exceed your 2-Rep Heavy from 1/16 and try to hit it for a 3rd or 4th rep (2+). Next week back to 10-10-10.


Metcon (Checkmark)

1.) 3 SETS

7 Close Grip DB Bench (Heavy)

10 Single DB Pull-Over (Mod-Heavy)

Max Dynamic Push-Ups*

*Press-Up Fast and Release the palm from the ground creating an explosive push.

-Rest 1:30 b/t Sets-

(No Measure)

2.) 3 SETS

5/5Staggered Stance DB Romanian DL (AHAP)

20 DB Goblet Alt. Step Back Lunges (AHAP)

-Rest 1:30 b/t Sets-

(No Measure)


100 Reps of Single DB Curl

100 Reps of Slow Tib Raises

*Complete the Reps in order 100,100,100.

(No Measure)

Extra Credit

FOR RECOVERY (Checkmark)

10:00 Nasal Breathing Bike


1-2 SETS

2:00 Standing Forward Fold

2:00 Straddle

2:00 Seated Figure-4 Hamstring Reach (L)

2:00 Seated Figure-4 Hamstring Reach (R)

2:00 Seated Forward Fold (Wide Legs)

2:00 Cobra Stretch

2:00 Child’s Pose

2:00 Rebound / Lay Flat

-Rest about :30 b/t Each Interval-

(No Measure)