CrossFit Mettle and Honor – NC FLEX

Functional Strength

Metcon (No Measure)


Tempo Sumo Deadlift (2121)*

*Moderate loading with perfect mechanics.

FOCUS: RPE 6-7 | :02 down / :02 up. Keep all sets moderate but option to add/remove weight as needed to nail the tempo. Deep booty burn here, folks. If you’re doing these right your posterior should be SCREAMING. Show a clear pause on the ground and standing.


Metcon (No Measure)

1.) 4 SETS

10/10 DB Curtsy Lunge (Mod-Heavy)

10/10 DB Staggered Stance RDL

-Rest as Needed b/t Sets-

2.) 4 SETS

20 Alt. DB Lateral Box Step Overs (Mod)*

15 Tall Box Jumps

10 Strict Toes to Bar

*Use a low box or stack of plates.

-Rest as Needed b/t Sets-

FOCUS: Lower Push / Pull

Mixed Conditioning

Metcon (No Measure)


10:00 For Distance

-Rest 2:00-

8:00 For Distance

-Rest 2:00-

6:00 For Distance

-Rest 2:00

4:00 For Distance

-Rest 2:00-

2:00 For Distance

*Athlete choice to Run, Bike, Row, Ski, or Stair Climb