CrossFit Mettle and Honor – NC FLEX

Functional Strength

Metcon (No Measure)


10-12 DB Incline Bench Press (Mod)

10-12 DB Seal Rows (Mod)

*Option to increase weight each set…keep in the moderate range.

-Rest as Needed b/t Sets-

FOCUS: RPE 6-7 | Seal rows are AWESOME but can be a pain to setup…that’s why I don’t program them too often. But I love the chest support coupled with the long ROM row. Take care to setup properly. If you can’t make the setup work…go with a bent over row with weights you can slow down and control.


Metcon (No Measure)

1.) 20-15-10-5*

DB Chest Fly

DB Bent Over Reverse Fly

*No rest b/t Sets. Use a Moderate weight for all sets.

2.) 3 SETS

8 Reps of Slow KB Upright Row

8 Reps of Slow KB Overhead Press*

*Hold KB by the ball portion while pressing overhead.

-Rest as Needed b/t Sets-

3) FOR QUALITY (Optional)*


Wall Sit

Glute Bridge Hold

Bar Hang

*3:00 of each then 2:00 of each then 1:00 of each. Running clock the entire time. If need to rest, come out of hold then go back into it.

FOCUS: Upper Push / Pull

Mixed Conditioning

Metcon (No Measure)


8 SETS EACH (:20 ON / :10 OFF)

Tabata 1 – Jumping Air Squat

Tabata 2 – Up-Downs

Tabata 3 – Cardio Sprint*

*Any Cardio…

Bike, Run, Row, Ski, Jump Rope