NCCOMPETE – Wed, Sep 27

CrossFit Mettle and Honor – NCCOMPETE


Complete full COMPETE workout AFTER your NCFIT PERFORMANCE work.


3 ROUNDS (No Measure)

6 Step Ups

6 Up-Downs

6/6 Hang DB Snatch


EVERY 2:00 x 4 SETS (AMRAP – Reps)

20 Box Jump Overs

10 Up-Downs Over DB

Max Alt. DB Snatch

-Rest 1:00 b/t Sets-

(Score is Lowest Reps of DB Snatches)

GOAL: RPE 9 | Sprint each Round but looking for a step down on all the Box Jump Overs. Any take off or step over is allowed for the Up-Downs Over DB but move fast. See whatcha got on the DB Snatches!

Extra Credit


Perform a Full-Body Yoga Session

*Pick 10 Positions and Hold Each for 2:00…rest about :30 b/t positions. Start and end the session with 10 ‘box breaths’. Inhale for :03-:05, Hold Full for :03-:05, Exhale for :03-:05, Hold Empty for :03-:05…repeat pattern until 10 reps.

(No Measure)

GOAL: RPE 4 | Move and breath. We want to make the body feel good so no strenuous stretches. Find a flow.