NC FLEX – Wed, May 24


Memorial Day Weekend Hours, there will be 3 heats on Saturday the 27th. Heat 1: 6AM, Heat 2 7:30AM and Heat 3 9am. Classes will be 90 minutes, please plan accordingly. Sunday can be a make-up day during open gym. Monday we are closed to observe the holiday.

CrossFit Mettle and Honor – NC FLEX

Aerobic Capacity

Metcon (Checkmark)


2:00 Bike

1:00 Burpees

*No additional rest b/t sets

(No Measure)

GOAL: RPE 5 | Breathe and flow. You should not be so out of breath that you can’t move. You shouldn’t be so tired that your pace falls. But you shouldn’t be moving so slow that you don’t feel it.

Bodyweight Movement Flow

No additional work — go for a long walk, rest, & recover.

Extra Credit

FOR RECOVERY (Checkmark)

Perform a Full-Body Yoga Session

Pick 10 Positions and Hold Each for 2:00…rest about :30 b/t positions. Start and end the session with 10 ‘box breaths’. Inhale for :03-:05, Hold Full for :03-:05, Exhale for :03-:05, Hold Empty for :03-:05…repeat pattern until 10 reps.

(No Measure)