NC FLEX – Mon, Oct 16

CrossFit Mettle and Honor – NC FLEX

Functional Strength

Metcon (Weight)

1.) 2 SETS

8-10 Tempo Bar Dips (30X0)

-Rest :45-

12 DB (or Cable) Overhead Tricep Extensions (Moderate)

-Rest :45 b/t Sets-

2.) 8-8-6-6-4

Slight Incline Barbell Tempo Bench (40X0)

-Rest 2:00 b/t Sets-

(Score is Weight on Bench)

GOAL: RPE 8 | Progressive overload through pre-exhaustion. The goal is to pre-exhaust the chest and triceps BEFORE hitting our main strength piece. Effort should be moderate on the first piece. For the second piece, the goal is still to build from what you did last week. A slight incline means 15 degrees if you have an adjustable bench or one plate under the bench if you only have access to a flat bench.


Metcon (Checkmark)

1.) 4 SETS

8-12 Pronating DB Bench Press (Mod-Heavy)

-Rest 1:30-

12-15 DB (or Cable Chest) Fly (Moderate)

-Rest 1:30 b/t Sets-

*After the FOURTH and LAST SET, drop some weight on the chest fly and go to failure, then drop some more weight and go until failure AGAIN.

2.) 3 SETS

Max Rep Pull-Ups (Use a band if you cannot get at least 6 reps)

-Rest :10-

8-10 Supinated Barbell Bent Over Row (Mod-Heavy)

-Rest :10-

12 Chest Supported DB (or Low Cable) Row (Mod)

-Rest 2:00 b/t Sets-

(No Measure)

GOAL: RPE 9 | Tough Push/Pull here building from our efforts in Week 1. Pronating means your wrists actually rotate from a neutral grip to a pronating grip as you press the dumbbells. Leave it all out there on the chest fly drop set, and then really focus on the quality of movement on the back and lat superset. Enjoy!

Extra Credit

4 SETSĀ  (Checkmark)

6-8 1.5 Reps DB Lateral Raise

-Rest :10-

10-12 Full Reps DB Lateral Raises

-Rest :10-

25-30 Top Partial Reps DB Lateral Raises

-Rest 2:00 b/t Sets-

(No Measure)

GOAL: The shoulder pump is about to get so real. I hope you have time for th extra credit today. Enjoy.