CrossFit Mettle and Honor – NC FLEX

Functional Strength

Metcon (No Measure)


Back Squat*

*Start Mod-Heavy & Build to Heavy Set of 3. Warm-up as needed prior.

Perform a Max Set of Narrow Grip Pull-Ups and a Max Set of Dips w/ :03 hold at the top after each set.

-Rest as Needed b/t Sets-
GOAL: RPE 8-9 | We are wrapping this second run up at the 10-7-5-3-1 progression next week! This week, hit those triples…next week, heavy singles. Triples are arguably one of the best tests of raw strength. Still in the 90% range, more time under tension and high attention to mechanics without the pressure of the ‘1RM’ looming. Take your time between sets, hit the bodyweight reps, and get under that bar!


Metcon (No Measure)

1.) 3 SETS*

10/10 DB Bulgarian Split Squat

20 Single DB Heel Elevated Narrow Front Squat**

20 Alt. DB Twisting Curls

*Use the same weight in each set. Increase weight if can control with perfect mechanics. Work quickly b/t movements

**Hold DB across the chest w/ DB heads resting on shoulders.

-Rest 2:00 b/t Sets-


30 Slow Calf Raises

30 Slow Tib Raises

30 Heel Taps Over DB*

30 Hollow Rocks

1:00 Elbow Side Plank (L)

1:00 Elbow Side Plank (R)

*L+R = 1-Rep

-No Additional Rest b/t Sers-
GOAL: Lower Push + Lower Body / Midline Accessory to complete our Monday training. Not a ton of volume today but the triples and max reps should provide a significant dose. For the Tib Raises, stand against wall with head, shoulders, and butt touching with feet about 6inches off the wall. Slowly lift your toes toward your knees, keeping your heels planted.

Mixed Conditioning

Metcon (No Measure)



:20 ON / :10 OFF

Any Cardio Sprint

-Rest 2:00 b/t Tabatas-