CrossFit – Mon, Nov 20

CrossFit Mettle and Honor – CrossFit


Warm-Up (No Measure)


10 Jumping Jack Toe Touches

8 Air Squats

6 Clean Deadlifts

4 Alt. Groiners



10 Broad Jumps

8 Power Cleans

6 Front Squats

4/4 Moose Antlers

Strength – All

Push Jerk (8-6-4 | 6-4-2*)

*Start Light and build to Mod+. The second wave (6-4-2) should be heavier than the first (8-6-4).

(Score is Weight)

Week 2 of 5

Strength | Wave-Loading Cycle

Workout – All

EMOM x 10 MINUTES* (Weight)

1 Power Clean & Jerk


2 Front Squats


1 Shoulder to Overhead

*Start Moderate and build every other set to a Heavy weight for the complex (5 different weights). Athlete is only allowed one lift attempt per 1:00 interval.

(Score is Weight)

Optional Cool Down

2-3 SETS FOR QUALITY (No Measure)

8/8 Slow Single Leg Glute Bridge-Ups

3/3 Sciatic Nerve Floss

12 Banded Ws*

*Keep elbows tucked at 90-degrees. Pull hands out to the sides, keeping elbows in same position, close to ribs.

-Rest As Needed b/t Sets-

(No Measure)